Monday, June 26 Materials - Middle School Coaching Pilot

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Monday's learning is grounded in the research-base behind the instructional shifts and the ELA standards for grades 6-8. Participants observe instructional video and engage with text to gain a deeper understanding of what standards-aligned instruction looks like in the classroom – and what it does not.

In this foundational session, ELA Content Coaches analyze how the standards and shifts frame rigorous instruction in the secondary grades beginning with an exploration of the relationship between reading and text complexity, the components of text complexity, and analysis of texts to determine complexity in calibrated setting. Participants practice identifying what strong instruction looks like in the classroom with a focus on using evidence to support claims and nonfiction.

Presentation: Foundation for Success

Handout: The Foundation for Success

Video: Hunger Games

Video: The Lottery

Video: Teaching Content is Teaching Reading

Video: Haley Graham


These sessions focus on the instructional shifts of focus and coherence including an exploration of priority content, an examination of the connections between standards within a grade, and application of these understandings through analysis of a scope and sequence.

This session introduces Math Content Coaches to the structure of the Standards and deepens their understanding of the “Focus” shift. Participants will learn to identify major, supporting, and additional standards in their respective grades, and will identify the “themes” of the major work within this grade band.

Presentation: Focus and Within Grade Coherence in Grades 6-8

Handout: Table Icebreaker (Grades 6-8)

Handout: Focus and Within Grade Coherence in Grades 6-8

Sample Scope and Sequence