Thursday, June 29 Materials - Middle School Coaching Pilot

All session materials include below


Particpants take a deep dive into what “reading like writers” looks like and apply it to lesson design with a focus on scaffolded text-dependent questions based on Craft and Structure Standards.

ELA Content Coaches examine what the craft and structure standards demand of students and analyze how they support attention to the language of texts. In the afternoon, participants use their understanding of language in craft and structure to apply it in lesson design, paying particular attention to how to use them in instruction through appropriate text-dependent questions, and developing their own using OER or their own texts.

Presentation: Attending to Craft and Structure: Focus on Language

Handout: Attending to Language, Craft and Structure


These sessions address adapting an aligned scope and sequence and understanding, adapting, and implementing a module of the EngageNY curriculum for grade 7.

Math Content Coaches study the EngageNY curriculum map for their respective grades, focusing on curriculum architecture and key methods and activities that support conceptual understanding. On an ongoing basis, they consider adaptations for students with unfinished learning from prior grades.

Presentation: Adaptation, Curriculum Study, and Practice - Days 4 and 5, All Sessions (Grade 7)

Handout: Adapting Curriculum Maps

A Story of Ratios: A Curriculum Overview for Grades 6-8