Wednesday, June 28 Materials - Middle School Coaching Pilot

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Participants learn how to rapidly build student knowledge and vocabulary on a topic, practice this process, and design a learning experience that builds student knowledge through texts.

ELA Content Coaches engage in an experience that demonstrates how students rapidly build knowledge and vocabulary on a topic through reading texts that build in complexity. In the afternoon, participants apply their understanding from morning work to practice and then design a learning experience that builds student knowledge around central texts in OER and participants' curriculums. They also use the Instructional Practice Guide (IPG) to observe a lesson and capture evidence of the Core Actions.

Presentation: Building Knowledge with a Volume of Reading: Selecting and Scaffolding Text

Handout: Building Knowledge and Fluency Through a Volume of Texts

Video: Curriculum Design: The Four Ts


These sessions address across grade coherence and instructional practice through focus on leveraging prerequisite content to support students with unfinished learning from prior grades, and examining instructional practice with an emphasis on lesson planning and observation using the Instructional Practice Guide from Student Achievement Partners.        

This session furthers Math Content Coaches' understanding of the “Coherence” shift by investigating the notion of across-grade coherence. Participants will explore the connections between standards across grades in this band, and plan a sequence of instruction to help students with “unfinished learning” from prior grades access content at their grade level.

Presentation: Across Grade Coherence and Instructional Practice in Grade 6-8

Handout: Across-Grade Coherence and Instructional Practice in Grades 6-8